E.E.C. News

2020-09-04: Ministry woos Canadians for EEC activity: Bangkok Post

The Industry Ministry is courting Canadian officials and investors to take part in public/private partnerships (PPPs) as the government attempts to fund a variety of economic recovery infrastructure projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).
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14 Sep 20

2020-08-14: AIS, U-tapao team for smart airport..

Ad​vanced Info Ser​vice (AIS), the coun​try’s largest mo​bile op​er​a​tor by sub​scribers, has part​nered with U-tapao air​port to sup​port dig​i​tal in​fras​truc​ture for a 5G net​work, WiFi 6 and other tech so​lu​tions in a bid to turn it into a smart air​port. U-tapao air​port is lo​cated in the Eastern Eco​nomic Cor​ri​dor, one of the gov​ern​ment’s strate​gic pri​‐ or​i​ties un​der the Thai​land 4.0 pol​icy. AIS chief ex​ec​u​tive Som​chai Lert​su​ti​wong said 5G tech de​ploy​ment and dig​i​tal so​lu​tions could be a way to shore up the econ​omy in the wake of the pan​demic
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16 Sep 20

2020-11-30: East and West are starting to adjust to a new way of looking at political and economic dynamics in Asia.

Germany is the second European country to have produced guidelines tailored to the new Indo-Pa‐ cific reality, after France which bills itself as an Indian Ocean country by virtue of having more than a million French citizens living in overseas territories in the region including Reunion, New Caledonia and French Polynesia.
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10 Apr 21

2021-02-20: Banking source suggests support for a system to freeze NPAs in the hospitality sector is likely

BOT is okay for commercial banks to set up a bank-owned asset warehouse to freeze non- performing assets (NPAs) in the hospitality sector, according to a banking industry source.
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10 Apr 21

2021-03-05: Department to auction seized assets

The Treasury Department is preparing to launch an online auction of lawfully seized assets this month to enhance trans‐ parency of asset sales
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10 Apr 21